Global mother tongue education

LanguageOne is the leading international organisation in mother tongue education. Our education programmes give children a firm foundation in their own language and culture.

With extra tuition from LanguageOne, children living abroad in the short or long term can improve their spoken and written command of their mother tongue. In weekly lessons, children continue to use and develop their home language and learn about their culture. Our contemporary education  is designed to help children enjoy learning, which contributes to their success in the future.

LanguageOne has locations in

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • The Middle East
  • Australia

Education that prepares children for a successful future.

An excellent basis for a successful future
LanguageOne aims to provide children and youngsters growing up in an international environment with a feeling of being at home in a country that is foreign to them (as yet). Inspirational mother tongue education can help achieve this ambition. Our teachers are familiar with the country in question and ensure that children feel at home quickly, so that their lessons are enjoyable and inspiring. In LanguageOne’s daily experience, a positive learning environment is vital to attaining a good balance between social-emotional and academic growth.

Extra tuition has a positive effect
We cooperate closely with local and international schools, and we are affiliated with The Foundation for Dutch Education Worldwide (NOB).  In collaboration with these parties, we develop contemporary education programmes that correspond to local and international education systems. The contemporary character of the extra tuition motivates children, and linking up well with other education ensures a smooth transition when returning to the Netherlands, for example, or moving to another country.