Our compass has seven core values

LanguageOne revolves around seven core values. Together, they form our compass and give direction to our education and our way of working.

  • Safe home

    LanguageOne makes pupils feel at home wherever they are in the world.

  • Contemporary

    For our contemporary mother tongue education, LanguageOne uses the latest educational insights and innovative teaching methods.

  • Quality

    LanguageOne offers the best possible mother tongue education with a highly qualified and experienced team, always striving to maximise academic results.

  • International

    LanguageOne provides mother tongue education worldwide, aiming to increase our pupils’ international mobility.

  • Firm foundation

    LanguageOne gives pupils a firm foundation for improved learning and assimilation, paving the way to a successful future.

  • Fun

    LanguageOne education is vibrant and versatile, as we believe that having fun whilst learning stimulates higher academic results and develops self-confidence.

  • Sustainable

    LanguageOne focuses on continuity and reliability, supported by sound financial policy, careful management and transparent accountability.