What is mother tongue education?

Before we explain what mother tongue education is, it is good to understand why language is such an important element in our development. It is especially important when living, working or growing up in another country, in the short or long term.

Language is the tool we use to communicate with others, to think and analyse, and to relate to other people and circumstances. Language thus forms the basis for:

  • self-awareness
  • interpretation
  • intellectual development
  • development of personal identity

Developing their mother tonque is vital to children.

Vitally important
Every language is unique and forms a reflection of your own culture, customs and identity. A good command and knowledge of the mother tongue is vitally important to the development of a child. Mother tongue education supports this development when children live and grow up in a foreign country in the short or long term. And it has many advantages. Mother tongue education is a supplement to the regular curriculum of a local or international school, wherever that school might be.

Customised to suit each pupil
Your child will have lessons in a small group. We look at the specific level, background and age of each pupil and customise our education accordingly. We have many years of experience in providing and developing programmes for mother tongue education. The social-emotional and academic development of your child is at the heart of all we do, in both primary and secondary education.

Enjoying learning
Learning is fun, if it is done with pleasure and enthusiasm. And of course after a long day at school, your child is ready for something different. At all our locations, the teachers aim to create an enjoyable environment where the children learn together. We provide intellectual and creative challenges for your child.

Professional education
LanguageOne is a professional and international organisation that is staffed by experts. Each location has a team of experienced and expert local directors and teachers, who have experience in living and working abroad. This means they are excellently equipped to understand your environment as parents and children.