Placement & application

Each LanguageOne location is unique and has its own placement policy. However, we do use general guidelines for placement, which apply to each location.

General guidelines for placement

  • Your child is at least 3 years old
  • Your child speaks the home language
    We cannot place children who do not yet speak the home language or whose language level is more than two years behind that of their peer group.
  • The home language is spoken at home by at least one parent
  • Parents provide a variety of language opportunities (books, songs, TV, etc.)
  • Your child can be placed at any time of the year
  • We can also agree on a trial period

Group composition
We try to put together groups that are as homogenous as possible. Our policy regarding group size depends on the level of the group. The maximum group size is 16 pupils.

You can apply using the registration forms on the locations pages. Upon receipt of the form, the location will contact you and may arrange an intake interview with the local director or teacher. Children who have not had any lessons in the home language for one year or longer will take an entrance test. In consultation with parents, we decide in which year group the child can be placed.