Outstanding quality

Every child is entitled to an excellent education. LanguageOne parents can count on a first-rate standard of programming and teaching in all our programmes.

We only work with expert teachers
All our teachers are qualified in their home countries, and experienced in working with international students. We provide additional and on-going professional development to all our teachers, to ensure quality of programming and teaching across all language groups.
All our local directors have experience in living and working abroad. Our staff have an excellent understanding of what families, and particularly children, encounter in moving to another country.

Creating a 21st century mother tongue curriculum
In order to provide mother tongue programming that is internally consistent across languages and locations, and responds to the international models of pedagogy used in partner schools, LanguageOne has embarked on a project to develop a bespoke “Mother Tongue Curriculum” that will be unique to our schools.
This project began in 2016 and will be developed and implemented by a carefully chosen team of administrators, content coordinators and pilot team members. We have developed a multi-disciplinary, theme-based curriculum framework, which will be used by all our language groups. The curriculum will be focused on structured language growth across cross-disciplinary units, and language objectives will be aligned with national objectives where possible or desirable.

Quality assurance through accountability
The longest-running LanguageOne programme (Dutch) has had consistently good evaluations from the Dutch Ministry of Education and we intend to transfer all our accumulated knowledge and skills to ensure that all our language programs reach this high standard.