Cooperation is in our DNA

One of the foundations of LanguageOne’s success is close cooperation – among ourselves and with our partners. By sharing knowledge, we build on our future success. Cooperation is in LanguageOne’s DNA.

Education network
The people we cooperate with include our pupils, parents and staff, national and international schools, and other organisations. Along with our partners, we form an international education network and a unique knowledge centre for mother tongue education. We can link up all over the world, to exchange knowledge and experience and thus continually improve our education.

Good links
LanguageOne joins forces with leading local and international schools and other partners. In cooperation with these parties, we develop contemporary education programmes that link up with national and international education systems. This supports smooth reintegration when returning to the homeland or moving to another country.

Partner schools
In various countries, we cooperate closely with the local and international schools that teach our pupils every day. Good links and integration with our education is very important for the children.