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languageone-visualMother tongue education

LanguageOne offers high-quality mother tongue/first language/home language programmes to students in Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, French, German and Portuguese. Our goal is always to help children continue to use and develop their language skills in their mother tongue, to give them a strong foundation for learning other languages and for academic success.

National curriculum

Where feasible or desirable, we endeavor to connect our mother tongue curriculum to national curriculums in the home country of the students. In cases of groups where the students come from a wide variety of countries, we create a curriculum based on best practice for language and cultural development.

Fun and effective pedagogy

At LanguageOne we recognize that motivation is essential for language learning, and it is our job to provide classes that are both fun and effective. Our teachers are trained to use interactive and child-centred pedagogies and to encourage collaboration and personal development.

IB curriculum framework

Recognising the educational situations of most of our students, we situate our teaching and learning within a theme-based framework similar to international schools. This ensures that we use teaching and learning methods that are familiar to students and proven to be effective for learning.

Culture and identity

A key facet of our mother tongue programmes is helping children build their identity across the environment they come from and live in. We connect our themes both to the local and home environments, and use a transdisciplinary approach to ensure that our curriculum touches on a wide variety of subjects, from literature to history, geography and onwards.