Multiple language programmes in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

LanguageOne is the leading international organisation in mother tongue education. The language you learn at home in your childhood is often referred to as your mother tongue, first language or home language.

Why care about your child’s home language?

You live in Abu Dhabi or Dubai and your child visits a local or international school. How do you ensure your child retains its home language and culture?

Children who continue developing their mother tongue learn a new language quicker and do better at school. The best way for a child to excel at the school language is to keep improving their home language through classes. Classes help support continued development academically, which can lead to better performance in the school language. This is just one of the many advantages of mother tongue education.

Mother tongue language programmes

We offer a variety of language and culture programmes, based on the needs of the community. In Dubai we offer mother tongue language courses in Dutch, French, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese. In Abu Dhabi our programme consists of Dutch, French and Spanish.

  • Qualified native-speaker teachers
  • Curriculum and pedagogy suited to the international environment
  • Interactive small group teaching; it is effective and fun!
  • 2-3 hours a week
  • Integrated culture and history
  • On the premises of GEMS schools

“I enjoy Spanish at LanguageOne. I like the cultural activities, I learn many new words, and when Skyping with my grandmother it’s really nice to show my progress in Spanish”

Starting dates in 2017

Do you want to support your children’s growth in your home language? Do you find it important your child maintains a close relationship with family?

Enrol now to ensure placement for starting dates in 2017.

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